viernes, 19 de agosto de 2005

A brighter day (Antítesis)

Have your ever felt like giving up? You kept fighting cause you knew you were strong, and you just felt like you had enought but in the end you kept holding on. So now you got the special feeling inside, no matter what you can make it througt, you have to find a time to run an hide, there's so much we can do. I know sometimes it's hard to find the way, but keep on searching for a better tomorrow, then maybe you can have a brighter day, just walk away from your pain an sorrow.
Would be another day for you and me like the sunshine cause when life gets tough and things are rough we'll still be fine. Throught the sorrow. Through the heartaches. There's a way out. Keep on searching, keep the faith, there's a brighter day.

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